About Us

Treasure Island GB is an events management & production company based in the UK which connects professional performers and organisers of cultural, artistic, social and musical events.

Our team derives from a collection of determined and artistic event managers with strong knowledge in their respective fields who boast supreme diversity, able to display events orientated around various social groups and communities.


We regard highly the management of a myriad of talented performers and encouragement of their creative processes and management skills . We combine proactivity with reach and awareness to collaborate with performers from various bailiwicks across the world and help them come together with audiences and fully explore their fortes.


Management and large-scale production of national festivals, cultural fairs and artistic projects of various departments and renowned artists acts as the cardinal motivation for Treasure Island. Projects are held throughout the entire course of the year which allows for a larger level of growth and development and higher turnouts for events.

Social Projects

Our philosophy says that reaching out to those in need is a prerequisite of a content society, encouraging our aim to be an example to others through our events. We dedicate special attention to holding charitable events with the aim to provide financial support to various communities, those with disabilities or other disadvantaged groups of society who are in need of a form of social support and succour.