Virgilijus Jutas

Virgilijus Jutas (vocals, guitars, harmonica) Roots music, the main driving force of The Bluesmakers and the brilliant songwriter, singer, guitar and harmonica player, is one of the key figures of Lithuanian blues/rock’n’roll/country stage. His blues career started at Perestroika times in 1986, when he played in Hilda Blues Band and also took part in setting up the very first blues club in Lithuania.

Poland - Lucijan Wesolowski

Musician - composer and multi-instrumentalist. His instrumental Music has been recorded on 29 CDs, issued over 40 times in Poland, Italy, Hangary and the USA. Author of music for theatre performances and soundtracks for TV programmes and DVDs, he plays sitar, Indian bamboo flute "bansuri", guitar, bass guitar, bouzouki, zither, percussion, and various ethnic stringed instrumentals.

Morocco - Chafiq Chaker

Saxophone Player.

Granny's Attic 3

Granny’s Attic 3 are a fantastic folk trio who play the tradition with verve, energy and their own inimitable style. These three young men are all exceptional musicians and fine singers and play English traditional and original music.

Mario Donatone

Mario Donatone plays Ray Charles. Info Biography And ‘an ambitious project that sees a historic pianist and singer of blues and soul as Mario Donatone, reached its full maturity after a long history of soloist and accompanist for artists neroamericani especially in Italy and in Europe.

Morocco - Agmare Band

The band play Moroccan fusion, Amazigh and Saharian style as well as Algerian music from North Africa. Songs are performed in the Berber Tamazight language. Agmar Band in new Band based at London, featuring different vibes, influences and music all together giving the result of the style so we can have Amazigh Tuareg Sahara.

J. Kazlauskas & Kathleen Ilo

J. Kazlauskas & Kathleen Ilo Are International ballroom dance masters. Titles: Professional world 10 dance finalist US OPEN rising star finalist

Puppet theatre “Aitvaras”

Puppet theatre “Aitvaras” From Lithuania. The history of Alytus Puppet Theatre started in 1985, when an artist Loreta Stirbyte Skruibiene and Alytus Municipality Culture Department initiated the studio of puppet theatre in the basement of Razanauskas(now Ziburio) street. In 1988 the first play “The Shephardess and the Chimney Sweep” on the basis of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale was staged.

Youth Symphony Orchestra

Youth symphony orchestra from Lithuania As the dream has become a “dream” 2000 autumn Alytus PM string orchestra initiative was held the first international project “The dream of 2000, during which the Alytus rehearsed and performed in a joint three countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – the 40 participants Youth String Orchestra, under the direction of MKCiurlionis year school teacher expert Franz Stepanov.


Falco started play guitar very jung and after few year started serious studies pianoforte solfeggio and vocal baritono for 5 years .After this double bass at the Civica Classical Music School of Milano Italy .In the 1990 meet the big Maestro Dacco’ teacher of jazz armony arrangement orchestra and guitarrist, Falco partecipate at the lessons armony jazz orchestra for 3 long years.

Retro music band “Randevu”

“Randevu” was established in 2012. The band consists of five people ( three vocals, guitar, mandoline and accordion). We perform well known songs from 1920-1940. Before us these songs were performed by famous Lithuanian artists like D. Dolskis, A. Sabaniauskas. Infact during this period of time pop music was performed only in restaurants or cafes.

Versme Folk Dance Group

The Lithuanian Christian Church in London’s traditional folk dance group “Versme” (meaning spring of life), formed in July 2011 as a result of a few dance enthusiast’s collective dream. Now, the group is made up of a vibrant mixture of both experienced dancers and passionate beginners. You will see both younger and older generations hand in hand, - unified by our love for dance and the Lithuanian culture.

Peaches Faye Staten

Peaches Faye Staten Nominated 2016 for Best Blues Entertainer by the Chicago Blues Awards.

Mohamed QaQa

Maalem (master musician) Mohammed Qaqa from Morocco, he was attracted to Gnawa music since childhood. He took a master’s degree in history at El Jadida University, then began the serious pursuit of music. He apprenticed himself to master musicians.

Shanna Waterstown

Shanna Waterstown is gonna be the new diva of Blues Vocal. This young and gorgeous lady was born in the south of the US. She grew up in the spheres of gospel, then jazz and blues. She got well-known in famous American jazz clubs. People appreciate her lovely sweet voice and magnetic temper on stage. Her first album, Inside my Blues, is due in January 2008.

Luca Zamponi

Luca Zamponi

Kieran McAlea


Circus brothers Kundrotai

Circus brothers Kundrotai

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