Primary School in Gzoula | Safi Morocco

Primary School in Gzoula | Safi Morocco

I have had an opportunity to visit Abdelkalik – Torris Primary School. It is in the Safi province in a village called Gzoula. This was the first school built in this village 50 years ago.

We are hoping to accumulate funds from good willed people to help in the funding for the refurbishment of this school. Our first step is to create a 25x12m sports pitch inside the schools territory.

A vital asset where children can play football, tennis, basketball, badminton and other activities which aid in the well being and healthy development of our future generation.

Lets get this incredible project of the ground, and help this school in this village. 

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Valerijus Vilcinskas

Primary School in Gzoula | Safi Morocco

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